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[clarified] in the first year of the 14th five year plan, what should the rigger do? (attached with the list of projects worth 2trillion)

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, with the rapid development of China's economy, China's construction machinery industry and China's crane industry braved the wind and waves and broke through the customs all the way. It has not only withstood the numerous tests of international competition, realized the leap forward development of scale growth, but also created a new mode of high-quality development of China's intelligent manufacturing

ranked first in the world's mobile cranes

one machine is hard to find

new products that target market demand emerge in endlessly

cooperation between countries along the the Belt and Road is blooming everywhere

breakthroughs in overseas high-end markets one by one

scores that shocked the world and made Chinese proud

filled 1827 days of the 13th five year plan

2021 January, in the first year of the 14th five year plan, The high sales volume of XCMG cranes has reduced the pressure of waste on the environment, climbing and achieving good results again, and there is an endless stream of customers coming to XCMG to pick up cars

behind the achievements

is the long-term past trust of user friends

is the indestructible persistence of leading technology

is the persistence of focusing on user experience

is the persistence and strength of appreciating user value

standing at the beginning of the 14th five year plan

hoisting people are full of ambition

but what should


picture source: National Development and Reform Commission official account

recently, the national development and Reform Commission held a press conference, which areas will be focused on to promote the construction of major projects in the first year of the 14th five year plan? Responded

in terms of new infrastructure construction,

strengthen systematic layout and speed up the construction of 5g, industrial interconnection, big data center, etc

picture source: official account of the national development and Reform Commission

in the construction of new urbanization,

implement urban renewal actions, promote the transformation of old urban communities, and support the construction of affordable rental housing

picture source: official account of the national development and Reform Commission

major project construction

implement major projects such as the Sichuan Tibet railway and the western land sea new channel, and actively promote the key TBEA to continue to increase investment in the construction of urban agglomerations, metropolitan intercity railways, suburban railways and high-grade highways in Xinjiang. Strengthen the hub airport and the construction of ABS by 2016 into two generations of western regional airports; We will implement national key water projects and accelerate the construction of 150 major water conservancy projects

picture source: National Development and Reform Commission official account

short board

accelerate the completion of short boards in the fields of municipal engineering, agriculture and rural areas, public safety, scientific research facilities, ecological environmental protection, public health, material reserves, disaster prevention and mitigation, livelihood security and so on

in addition, in the field of wind power, which we all pay attention to,

with the development after the decline of subsidies, the whole industry holds a wait-and-see attitude

can the market of large tonnage and kiloton cranes mainly driven by the field of wind power still be hot

has always been the focus of attention of hoisting people

now let's analyze the future development trend from three directions

first of all, the global climate crisis, the sword of energy transformation on the string

in October 2020, the Beijing Declaration on wind energy issued at the Beijing international wind energy conference proposed that in the 14th five year plan, wind power must be set with a development space that is compatible with the carbon neutral national strategy: to ensure an annual increase of more than 50million kW. It will bring great opportunities to the wind power industry

secondly, wind power operation and maintenance is imperative due to the five-year warranty period of wind turbine units.

driven by national policy subsidies during the 13th Five Year Plan period, China's renewable resources industry is booming. The installed scale of wind power continues to expand, and the existing wind turbines begin to come out of the warranty period. The later operation and maintenance service will become a new competitive hot spot

third, the technological transformation and renewal of old units is the general trend

with the increase of the operating life of wind turbines, developers under the pressure of cost reduction and efficiency increase in the era of parity, with the rapid development of technological progress and technological transformation technology, the growth period of the technological transformation and renewal market of old units will soon come

standing at the new starting point of 2021

in the context of relevant national policies and industrial upgrading

under the guidance of the policy of new infrastructure and internal and external circulation

a lot of good news hit us

are you 2. Full of confidence in empty machine operation after startup

promising future

hoister! Ollie, here

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