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On November 24, Xinhua III group, a subsidiary of Ziguang, announced the establishment of a smart classroom alliance with a number of partners at the 2017 education informatization innovation and development forum, responding to the call of the Ministry of education to launch a classroom revolution, restructure the interactive mode and order of classroom teaching management in primary and secondary schools, and improve classroom teaching The quality and efficiency of evaluation and management, promote the communication between home and school, and promote the reform process of teaching and talent training mode of basic education in China. Liu Xuemin, assistant director of the education management information center of the Ministry of education, attended the founding ceremony and delivered a speech. Okay smart education and Zhejiang University Wanpeng, as representatives of the first batch of members of the smart classroom alliance, also appeared at the founding ceremony

smart classroom alliance

takes the lead in the industry to tackle the last mile of educational informatization

classroom is the main battlefield of education and the front-line frontier and core field of educational development. In the process of implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, realizing the modernization of education and building a powerful country in education and talents, the classroom revolution aimed at changing the traditional classroom teaching mode has become urgent. As a leading enterprise in educational informatization, xinhuansan advocates the establishment of smart classroom alliance, which is committed to the deep integration of new IT technology and practical activities such as classroom teaching, evaluation and management, so as to enrich the application innovation of multiple scenes inside and outside the classroom, stimulate the innovation and reform of teaching, interaction, monitoring, evaluation and other methods and modes, and improve the quality and efficiency of basic education and innovative talent training

as the first smart classroom and basic education informatization ecological industry alliance in the industry, the smart classroom alliance is led by Xinhua San and jointly launched by enterprises and institutions in the education informatization industry. Enterprises, groups and individuals engaged in basic education informatization construction related industries are sincerely invited to join, such as colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises, education informatization competent units, primary and secondary schools and education industry experts, to jointly establish a complete ecological chain, Create a platform for cooperation and promotion of basic education informatization with the collaborative development of production, learning, research and application

we include the preparatory work before the operation. We believe that the establishment and operation of the smart classroom alliance will promote the cooperation and innovation between Xinhua III and its members in technology research and development, scheme integration, service operation and maintenance, operation management, capital operation, business model and other dimensions, so as to provide the most powerful support for the all-round reform of basic education in the fields of classroom teaching, talent training and campus management. Xujiheng, vice president of Xinhua III China, said at the founding ceremony of the smart classroom alliance

Xinhua 3 Smart Classroom

promote the classroom revolution to cover both inside and outside the campus

while launching and establishing the smart classroom alliance, Xinhua 3 also officially released the overall framework and solutions of Xinhua 3 smart classroom for the education industry. The solution takes the classroom application as the starting point, converges the terminal applications related to teaching, evaluation, environment, management, equipment and so on to the unified cloud data fusion decision center, and realizes personalized classroom teaching and scientific decision-making assistance based on big data. Among them, smart multi-core integration, the core product, solves the problems of smart classroom multi-service integration, cloud collaboration, integrated operation and maintenance, and open integration by providing powerful and easy-to-use local computing, storage, and networking capabilities for classroom teaching

based on the ecological innovation cooperation of the smart classroom alliance, Xinhua 3 Smart Classroom solution will take the unified cloud data integration decision center as the basic platform, and continue to integrate and launch a variety of situational applications inside and outside the smart classroom and campus. So far, Xinhua III has cooperated with the first batch of members of the smart classroom alliance such as okay smart education and Zhejiang University Wanpeng to complete the landing of four types of classroom scenes, including interactive classroom, classroom management, maker classroom and oral English listening test classroom

in addition, the framework and scheme of Xinhua three smart classroom can also be extended to extracurricular and off campus, helping primary and secondary schools realize smart educational administration management such as automatic shift check-in, intelligent class scheduling, non perceptual attendance, campus security positioning, classroom environment monitoring, real-time monitoring of students' physical fitness, big data score analysis, and providing students with off campus teaching services that will not leave school in early October this year, Promote the reform and deepening of teaching and talent training mode in primary and secondary schools from multiple dimensions. In the future, Xinhua III will continue to work with partners to continue to innovate and use less users, enrich the micro application of new IT technology in the education industry, and promote the improvement of macro infrastructure such as education cloud, data center, and metropolitan area, so as to comprehensively promote the in-depth development of China's education informatization without infarct instigator

the first batch of alliance members attending the founding ceremony of the Smart Education Alliance include: Xinhua Group III, Guangdong Provincial Education Technology Center, Nanjing Qinhuai District teacher development center, Hangzhou Binjiang District Education Bureau, okay smart education, Zhejiang Wanpeng Education Technology Co., Ltd., Honghe technology, Beijing kangbang Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., Ziguang cloud Technology Co., Ltd And Zhongqing Zhicheng Education Consulting Co., Ltd

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