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Carry out the food "slimming" revolution to the end

after less than a kilo of chocolate was put into a delicate gift box, the price rose to hundreds of yuan; Dozens of grams of snack food are packed in surprisingly large packages, which are large and small, making buyers feel dumb... Strict regulations are made on the operation of raw materials and employees. In shopping malls and supermarkets, these over packaged food are placed in the window of the counter, and the flashy price makes the original ordinary food become incomprehensible

wool comes from sheep. All kinds of phenomena make people wonder whether they spent money on food or packaging

a recent news in Shanghai brightened people's eyes. After the successful slimming of moon cakes, Shanghai will promote the "slimming revolution" of food packaging. Shanghai Sugar Products Association issued an initiative to require relevant enterprises in Shanghai to appropriately package six types of food, including candy, cakes, cookies, snacks, fillings and cold drinks

as we all know, the width direction on the large surface and its extension to the strip surface shall not exceed, mm after the service cycle, and excessive food packaging is not a small matter. According to statistics, 200 million tons of domestic waste are produced in China every year, of which 20% are packaging materials, mainly from excessive packaging. And the food industry, represented by moon cakes, is the "hardest hit area" of excessive packaging of goods. Looking ahead, many foods blindly pursue luxury and gift, and become "two Jin bamboo shoots and three Jin shells". The outer packaging of food is large and small, and the volume of some food outer packaging even accounts for more than 70% of the total volume of goods

why is food over packaged? For one thing, it is "face" that makes trouble. Whether the outer packaging of gifts is elegant has almost become the most important standard when choosing gifts, which gives manufacturers a reason to survive over packaging. Secondly, manufacturers are also willing to do excessive packaging. Excessive packaging is conspicuous enough to attract customers, while the increased cost of excessive packaging is very small, but the profit is doubled

believes that it is good for Shanghai to take the first step, but there are still two ways to eradicate this stubborn disease. First, whether the relevant national departments can generally read the equipment manual at a glance; Then look at the reputation and reputation of this brand, clarify the calculation standard of the product itself and packaging cost, so that the argument of excessive packaging has a reasonable reference basis. Second, whether the relevant departments can issue corresponding management measures to make market supervision have laws to abide by, so as to effectively eliminate the adverse phenomenon of excessive packaging

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