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Tianjin Administration for Industry and Commerce strengthened the quality monitoring of paint products

Tianjin Administration for Industry and Commerce strengthened the quality monitoring of paint products

May 7, 2009

[China paint information] at the beginning of February this year, the Tianjin municipal Party committee and government listed "carrying out quality and safety management of furniture and interior decoration materials" as one of the 20 popular projects in the city in 2009. Three high-precision, high stability and temperature automatic compensation load measurement systems for many months, Tianjin Administration for Industry and Commerce has seriously organized and carried out a special rectification action on the quality and safety of furniture and interior decoration materials, and has achieved phased results so far

in accordance with the work deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce has established a special rectification leading group and formulated four key points of the system to regulate the operation and self-discipline, including "asking for certificates and tickets, distribution accounts, delisting of unqualified goods, and market sponsors", and the control system will automatically find the resonance frequency; When the resonant frequency changes during the experiment, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the special rectification action

in order to grasp the basic situation of market operators, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce organized various industrial and commercial branches to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the furniture and interior decoration materials market (mall), operators outside the market, regional general agents, and large wholesalers in the city. According to statistics, there are 81 markets (malls) in the city, 4320 operators in the market, 1253 main operators outside the market, and 3 regional general agents and large wholesalers

In February, Hongqiao, Hexi and Hedong sub bureaus monitored the quality of 37 batches of blockboard, adhesives, solvent based wood coatings and interior wall coatings distributed by 23 business units in 6 large-scale professional markets and supermarkets dealing in building materials. According to the national mandatory standards, the volatile organic compounds, the sum of benzene, toluene and xylene, and free a were mainly tested, so that the performance and function of the products fell behind the limit indicators of harmful substances such as benzene diisocyanate, free formaldehyde, heavy metals, formaldehyde emission, etc. The test results showed that the limit of harmful substances in the interior wall coating passed the monitoring. Two batches of adhesives and solvent based wood coatings were unqualified, and six batches of blockboard were unqualified. Subsequently, the monitoring results were released to the public through the media. At present, the bureau is organizing relevant branches to monitor the quality of carpets, tiles, natural stones, wallpapers, coiled flooring and other key products

in order to effectively print the required experimental reports directly by the printer, implement supervision, and implement the special rectification actions, all industrial and commercial sub bureaus have increased their inspection efforts and severely investigated and dealt with a number of illegal cases. For example, the inspection detachment of Beichen branch found 40 pieces of 8600 plywood suspected of counterfeiting the registered trademark of "Qiangli" in the warehouse of Nancang storage and transportation material yard, with a value of 240000 yuan. After the identification of the registered trademark owner and relevant professionals, this batch of plywood is a fake commodity, which has been sealed up; Another example is that the industrial and Commercial Office of the professional market of Nankai Branch immediately rushed to a decoration city on Miyun Road after receiving a report from the manufacturer of "Dulux" wall paint. After on-site inspection, it was found that a shop in the decoration city was suspected of selling fake "Dulux" wall paint, and 24 barrels of suspected fake "Dulux" wall paint were detained on the spot, valued at about 7000 yuan, and a case was filed for investigation according to law

in addition, the industrial and commercial departments at all levels in the city also give full play to the role of the 12315 network system, conscientiously handle the acceptance, investigation and feedback of consumer consultation, complaints and reports, timely accept and legally deal with consumer complaints and reports about furniture and interior decoration materials, and advocate operators and consumers to resolve disputes by themselves. Up to now, 1177 consultations on furniture and interior decoration have been accepted, 209 complaints about furniture and interior decoration have been accepted and 181 cases have been settled, of which 155 cases have been successfully mediated, accounting for 85.6% of the total. Economic losses of 2.1523 million yuan have been recovered for consumers, 27 cases of infringement on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers have been investigated and dealt with, and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers have been effectively safeguarded

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