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On July 15, according to the relevant provisions of the anti unfair competition law, the Wuling branch of Changde Administration for Industry and Commerce detained 847 pieces of "jiuba liquor" in the inventory of a self-employed Zhou, and ordered and supervised the elimination of infringing commodity names, packaging and decoration on existing commodities. In April this year, Guizhou Renhuai jiuzhongjiu (Group) Co., Ltd. appealed to the Wuling branch of Changde Administration for Industry and commerce, saying that the packaging and decoration of jiuba liquor distributed by Zhou, a liquor wholesale self-employed man in Wuling District of Changde City, was very similar to that of the well-known commodity liquor reported to be produced and sold by people, which constituted an infringement, and requested the Department of industry and commerce to investigate and deal with it. The Chengbei industrial and Commercial Office of Wuling branch of Changde Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce immediately conducted an investigation and found that the "Crusader" brand jiuba liquor purchased by Zhou from a distillery in Luzhou was similar to the main part and overall impression of the "benqiang" brand 125ml five-year aged liquor produced by Guizhou Renhuai wine (group) Co., Ltd. in terms of the product name, the friction force of the force measuring piston in the oil cylinder increased or stuck, and the white cardboard was basically preserved in China, It is easy to mislead consumers

source: Hunan

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