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Myanmar will hold an international rubber Congress this year, which is a good opportunity for rubber growers and businessmen. Rubber is an important export product of Myanmar, which once occupied a certain quota in the international market and is known as "white gold". However, the rubber market in Myanmar is single, and most rubber farmers do not master new technologies. Therefore, the rubber industry in Myanmar has not been able to achieve breakthrough development. To this end, the Myanmar rubber Growers Association has come up with a way

Wu Kaiming, Secretary of Myanmar rubber Growers Association, announced that we plan to hold an international rubber Congress in October this year to promote the development of rubber planting, and at the same time, help Myanmar's rubber industry expand new markets

Wu Kaiming said that there are enterprises producing rubber raw materials, kedihua has the strength based on the first tier of the global agrochemical industry, and the relevant principals of tire enterprises producing rubber finished products, international rubber planting and production experts and scholars attended. Therefore, in addition to expanding new markets, we can also obtain new technologies for planting and producing rubber

it is understood that irbd, one of the international rubber development groups, is composed of more than 20 countries, including Myanmar. It will formulate guidance on promoting the development of new materials industry every year and hold the international rubber Congress in member countries in turn

although the rubber production in Myanmar is increasing year by year, due to the stable international rubber price, the price of rss-3 rubber in the domestic market is only about 830 Kyats per pound. In the international market, the price of a ton of rubber raw materials is about 1700 US dollars

some rubber steel mills have reduced the purchase price of scrap steel. Rubber planting manufacturers estimated that the climate this year is relatively normal, so the rubber production in Myanmar is expected to be about 300000 tons

according to Myanmar rubber planting data, the rubber planting area in 2019 was more than 16 million acres, and the area that has been able to cut rubber was more than 800000 acres. The Myanmar Association of rubber growers and producers estimates that about 160000 tons of raw materials can be injected into the oil tank for rubber filling oil that can be exported

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