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As of May 14, the average ex factory price of n-butanol in Shandong Province was 16166 yuan/ton. Compared with the price on May 5 (the reference average price of n-butanol was 13000 yuan/ton), the average price was increased by 3166 yuan/ton, an increase of 24.36% after the holiday

tight spot demand just supported the post holiday market of n-butanol, which rose by more than 24%

after the May Day Labor Day, the domestic n-butanol market rose sharply, with a total increase of 19.54% in the first three days after the holiday. Subsequently, the market continued to move steadily upward, and the low-end price of the market was not consistent with the maturity of customers in the development of new technologies and new businesses. As of the 14th, compared with the price before the holiday, the cumulative rise in the post holiday n-butanol market had reduced the polishing damage to a certain extent, with a range of 24.36%

the reason for the sharp rise in the market price of n-butanol this time is mainly due to the maintenance of n-butanol device after the holiday, the overall operating rate of the factory is low, the downstream butyl acrylate users just need to purchase raw materials, and the stable demand gives n-butanol upward support. The spot supply of n-butanol is tight, and the market is in short supply. Therefore, the factory's offer price has risen all the way. On June 7 and August 3, the market price of n-butanol in Shandong region rose to yuan/ton, The price increased by yuan/ton compared with that before the festival. Then into the next week, the on-site price difference of n-butanol continued to narrow, and the low-end price continued to rise. On the 10th, the ex factory price of Shandong lihuayi n-butanol increased to 16000 yuan/ton, 1300 yuan/ton higher than the previous working day. The overall quotation of n-butanol in Shandong was around 16000 yuan/ton. 12. On the 13th, the overall n-butanol market in Shandong remained high and stable, and the prices of individual factories continued to rise slightly by yuan/ton. As of the 14th, the ex factory price of n-butanol in Shandong was around yuan/ton, and the average price was 16166 yuan/ton. Compared with the price before the holiday, the average price has increased by 3166 yuan/ton, and the total increase after the holiday reached 24.36%

upstream. On May 13, the market price of propylene in Shandong rose slightly. According to the price chart of business agency, the propylene price in Shandong rose continuously in the first ten days of April, fell sharply in the second ten days, and remained stable at the end of the month. During the first two days of the May Day holiday, the trend continued to stabilize. From the 3rd to the 7th, the daily rise was about 50 yuan/ton. From the 9th, the price remained stable. Today, the price rose slightly by about 50 yuan/ton. At present, the market transaction is between 8330~8450 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price is about 8350 yuan/ton. On May 12, propylene prices in the United States and Asia remained stable, with limited impact on the propylene market. At present, there is no pressure in propylene market inventory, some devices are still under maintenance, the supply of goods is slightly tight, and some enterprises have suspended quotation

in the short term, the n-butanol market continues to be tense, and most of the market will be high-level consolidation and operation

at present, the spot supply of n-butanol continues to be tight, but the market price has almost hit the ceiling. The wait-and-see mood for high prices in the downstream of the planned bilateral trade and investment is getting stronger. The purchase is calmer than a few days ago, and the driving force for n-butanol to continue to rise is slightly insufficient, but it still takes time for the plant to resume work. In the short term, the n-butanol market continues to be tense. Therefore, the analysts of n-butanol in business society believe that in the short term, the domestic n-butanol market as a whole will be consolidated at a high level

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