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Nan'an District of Chongqing has been approved as the national "smart city" pilot city, and strive to build it by the end of 2015. This is no longer the era of "upstairs and downstairs, electric lights". Smart, tablet computers, energy-saving air conditioners, LED LCD TVs and other scientific and technological products have been integrated into every detail of life

the 6th urban Expo smart south bank booth

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National IOT industry demonstration base

China Mobile IOT product exhibition hall

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this is no longer the era of "upstairs and downstairs, electric lights", intelligent and tablet computers, energy-saving air conditioners LED LCD TV and other technological products have been integrated into every detail of life

however, technology changes life far more than that

just this spring, Nan'an District was approved as a national "smart city" pilot urban area, and will actively build a national smart city pilot area, relying on the national IOT demonstration base, in accordance with the construction idea of "striving for a national smart city model" and the guiding principle of "connectivity, open sharing, facing the people, and good experience", and strive to build a "smart city" by the end of 2015

"in addition to paying attention to the application of new energy and the promotion of new technologies, intelligent urban management is also an important booster for building a green and low-carbon city." The relevant person in charge of the urban and Rural Construction Committee of Nan'an District said that the district will build a smart home application platform, promote the application of security technology prevention system, information facility system, information application system, automatic fire alarm system and fire linkage system in some new residential areas, and guide the intellectualization of public life

in short, even if you are on a business trip, you can also remotely control the air conditioning, electric lights and other facilities and equipment at home through the intelligent information system

"smart city" will realize energy conservation and emission reduction from everyday life. What it brings is not only the transformation of urban development mode, but also the transformation of lifestyle through intelligent applications

smart city

smart city is the digitalization, networking and intelligent management of urban resources, economy, environment and other systems with the help of modern information technology, so as to make urban public services more convenient. Generally speaking, it refers to the application of modern information technology to change people's traditional way of life and work


everything in the world, from watches and keys to cars and buildings, as long as a micro sensor chip is embedded to make it intelligent, this object can "speak automatically". With the help of wireless network technology, people can "talk" with objects and "communicate" between objects, which is IOT

planning first, strategic layout is superior

at the beginning of this year, Nan'an was approved by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development to become the first batch of National Smart City pilot cities, which indicates that Nan'an has ushered in a new opportunity in the process of innovation driven, transformation and development

in fact, in 2012, Nan'an began to focus on the construction of the "national new industrialized electronic information IOT industry demonstration base". Relying on the accumulation of IOT resources in experience, security, talent, technology and so on, from application to defense, the first batch of National Smart City pilot projects can be said to be easily won

with the spirit of taking the lead, Nan'an District has always been planning the butterfly change of the city in a forward-looking manner

in order to promote the construction of smart city, the Nan'an District Party committee and the district government took the IOT application demonstration work as one of the two major features of the year this year, which is enough to show that Nan'an will concentrate on promoting the development of IOT industry and take this as the biggest support to drive the construction of smart city

in just a few months, more than 30 district level departments in Nan'an District have participated in the IOT application demonstration work, and 32 key IOT application demonstration projects have been identified

building a "smart city" requires wisdom. Planning first is undoubtedly the key to doing a good job in the construction of this article

it is understood that Nan'an will invest 1.5 billion yuan in the next three years to build a "highly centralized management and support center" based on the "intelligent infrastructure and information network of comprehensive IOT", and establish an "efficient smart Nan'an service system" through a series of standardized service systems and processes

at the same time, the south bank also established a smart south bank management and control committee to guide and promote the implementation of various project groups, and gradually realize the construction of various projects on the south bank through top-level planning and detailed design

cross border integration, clothing, food, housing and transportation are exhausted

many citizens will choose to visit Nanshan on holidays. Because some amusement venues and scenic spots need to buy tickets, there are often long queues, but they will not buy tickets again soon

according to jiangwenxin, deputy director of Nan'an electronic information industry development office, in the future, citizens can buy scenic spot tickets, and the scenic spot access control system will automatically identify them after buying tickets, so there is no need to worry about queuing up

this project called "smart scenic spot" has been implemented. It is worth mentioning that the "smart scenic spot" based on cloud platform has also formed information sharing and collaborative linkage with public security, transportation, industry and commerce, health and other departments. Combined with tourism information data, it has formed a tourism prediction and early warning mechanism to ensure the safety of tourists. 3 The working frequency of the experimental machine is not higher than 500 times/minute, which is more effective

the form of cross departmental cooperation similar to this is a highlight in the construction of "smart city"

under the leadership of the Nan'an District Party committee and the district government, the District Environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for the monitoring of pollution sources of key industrial enterprises, the district science and Technology Commission is responsible for the research and development and application demonstration of car coupling technology, the District Economic and Information Technology Commission and the district urban and rural construction commission are responsible for smart homes, and the district urban and rural construction commission and the Management Committee of Chayuan new area are responsible for smart communities... It is reported that Nan'an District has identified 31 government functional departments to fully participate in the construction of smart city projects, The whole region has jointly built the most solid framework of the "smart city"

in addition, a cross system and cross department intelligent operation command and monitoring center is being prepared. After completion, the software products of relevant platforms will be integrated and integrated to realize the functions of comprehensive information management, data statistical analysis, livelihood services, emergency response and other functions of various intelligent application services, so as to provide decision-making basis for the government to carry out its work

with the implementation of the national informatization strategy, the R & D and application of information technology are giving birth to new economic growth points, which plays a very important role in adjusting the economic structure and transforming the development mode

for the south bank, vigorously promoting the construction of information infrastructure is not only to improve the communication quality and urban communication service level of the residents of the south bank, but also to integrate more innovation into the information industry, lay the foundation for the construction of smart cities, and turn information technology into the strongest driving force of urban modernization

network infrastructure is like the "capillaries" of a city. Network facilities with wireless broadband, digital broadband, radio and television, and IOT as the core constitute the "blood circulation" for citizens to enjoy the information world

in terms of wireless broadband construction, Nan'an is exploring the evolution path of providing free wireless broadband access services throughout the region, and plans to achieve full coverage of 3G networks and WiFi access to key public places and key commercial places by the end of 2015

in addition, the construction of digital broadband will achieve "Urban-Rural Coordination", and the extension of information transmission network to rural areas is speeding up. At the same time, the radio and television network will be upgraded and the next generation radio and television network (NGB) will be built, and IOT technology will also be more widely used in public management, livelihood services, production management and other fields

in addition to accelerating the construction of network infrastructure, Nan'an District will further develop public platforms and databases, speed up the construction of urban public information platforms and urban information security, and provide more accurate data support and awesome technical support for the construction of "smart Nan'an"

looking ahead, smart south bank will lead the country in terms of advanced infrastructure, smooth information network, popularization of scientific and technological applications, convenient production and life, efficient urban management, perfect public services, beautiful ecological environment, significant energy conservation and emission reduction, and benefit all residents...

by the end of 2015, smart city construction can basically turn these slogans into reality and a beautiful and intelligent city picture. As the first batch of "smart city" pilot urban areas in China, how will Nan'an District win with intelligence in these years, and finally break out and take the lead in smart cities

in this regard, Wang Jianhua, director of the Nan'an urban and Rural Construction Committee, said that we should accelerate the development and utilization of information resources, further improve the level of urban operation and management, improve the quality of urban services, promote the transformation and upgrading of emerging industries, and promote the integration of industrialization and informatization, and the integration of IOT and Internet

on the one hand, Nan'an District will strengthen the construction of urban infrastructure carrying capacity, urban information management level, urban and rural management service system and mechanism, urban disaster resistance and emergency response capacity, so as to improve the level of urban operation and management; On the other hand, the experimental method of pendulum thin film impact testing machine will also be supported by the application of new technologies such as network technology, cloud computing, IOT, and complete the infrastructure construction of smart south bank network, so as to realize the informatization and intellectualization of urban services

in addition to the management mechanism and technology application, Nan'an will strive to use domestic and foreign capital to exceed 100billion yuan and 5billion dollars respectively by 2015, the total value of foreign trade imports and exports will exceed 2billion dollars, and the total industrial output value of the electronic information industry will reach 100billion yuan, basically realizing the transformation and upgrading of emerging industries

at that time, this smart city with prosperous economy, perfect functions and livable ecology will realize a butterfly change. Article/Liu Jin, Chen Jing

Smart Life

smart business district: after the completion of the "zero distance" smart business district for merchants and people, as soon as citizens enter the Nanping business district, they can automatically receive information such as business activities and discounts in the business district when connected, so as to provide reference for shopping, eating and entertainment

it is understood that receiving business information is only one aspect. According to the preliminary idea, Nan'an will install information service terminal platforms in Wanda Plaza, Shanghai city and other areas. Through this platform, consumers can get all the detailed information about food, housing, transportation and so on in the business district, and can also query the geographical location and floor layout of businesses

smart community: 10 community pilot "Yiju Tong"

just press the "defense" keyboard before going out, and you can know any abnormality at home at the first time. People can turn on the air conditioner in advance even before they get home. These convenient services are brought by smart home

through the "yijutong" host, you only need to enter the number to achieve binding. The host is equipped with "alarm number", "deploy/disarm" and other keys. If there is anything different at home, it can be sent to the head of household at the first time

this year, Nan'an District will carry out a pilot project of smart home "livable link" in 10 new residential areas in Nanping and Chayuan

smart water and electricity meter: automatic alarm, safer life

smart water and electricity meter can upload users' daily electricity, water and gas consumption to the unified platform, so there is no need to read the meter. In case of water leakage, electric leakage and air leakage of the water and electricity meter in the home, the sensor on the water and electricity meter will automatically send a text message to the user and automatically close the valve

users can also use Alipay to pay water and electricity fees without going to the counter in person. Smart water and electricity meters will be piloted in two communities in Nan'an District

elevator guards: run 200 sets to escort residents up and down

at present, when the elevator stops and someone is trapped, people in the elevator need to actively call the police. After installing the elevator guard, the elevator

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