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On Tuesday, a ban aimed at stabilizing the financial market became an inducement to market turmoil. The German government's ban on "naked short selling" triggered a wave of crazy selling in the financial market. Under this wave, the contract price of crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) bid farewell to the "post-70" in June and fell to a new low since July last year

on Tuesday, the German government announced a ban on naked short selling of eurozone government bonds and credit swaps (CDS), which also applies to the 10 most important German financial institutions. The ban will take effect from midnight on Wednesday and will last from May 19 to March 31, 2011. The German financial supervisory authority said that the implementation of the above measures was to stabilize the financial market fluctuations related to Greece's sovereign debt

naked short selling is different from general short selling, which means that investors directly short in the market without borrowing the underlying assets. However, contrary to the original intention of the German financial regulatory authority, the financial market showed a sharp decline after the ban was announced

"at present, the financial market is jittery, and any disturbance in the market may trigger the selling behavior of investors. For the naked short selling ban suddenly announced by the German government, the market understands it as a signal that the euro zone debt crisis continues to worsen, and the worry spreads again." Gaoyanrong, an analyst of Shanghai mainland futures, pointed out, "from another perspective, under the condition of ensuring the safety of medication and worrying about the prospects of the European economy, investors will be more inclined to sell the European dollar because of the restrictions on the short selling of some stocks and bonds. The rise of the US dollar index caused by the sharp decline of the euro will pose greater pressure on the price of commodity futures."

after the experimental materials were fixed by the upper and lower chucks, on Tuesday, before the naked short selling ban was issued, the commodity market maintained a significant upward trend. The June contract price of NYMEX crude oil futures once rose by $2/barrel, and the highest intraday rise was $72.5/barrel. After the ban was announced, the US dollar index showed a straight-line upward trend, rising 1.313 points or 1.31% to close at 87.34 points, hitting a new high since March 2009; The June contract price of crude oil futures fell rapidly, closing at $69.41/barrel. Yesterday, the contract price continued to decline, as of 21:00 Beijing time, to $68.56/barrel, a new low since July 2009

"for the crude oil futures price, falling below $70/barrel is not an accident." Lin Hui, deputy general manager of the research department of Dongzheng futures, pointed out, "From the macro-economic perspective, the sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone has cast a shadow on the prospects for global economic recovery and triggered concerns about the demand for crude oil in the market; from the fundamental point of view, the U.S. crude oil inventory has continued to increase in the past ten weeks, and the short-term supply pressure is large; from the financial level, the U.S. government recently conducted an investigation on large investment banks, which are the main participants in the energy market. Under the influence of the investigation, these opportunities Structural behavior may cause the kinetic energy of long trading to weaken. "

in the face of the decline in crude oil prices, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is also unstable. Yesterday, Angola, friction area 1155 (L) × 50 (b) mm oil minister said that once the oil price fell sharply again, OPEC needed to hold a special meeting to discuss policies before the October meeting

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