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Mycomm: seamless communication with customers - the advantages of call center Omni channel integration

both customers and enterprises hope that the dialogue that takes place on one interactive channel can continue on another channel, and all relevant communication data can be retained and continued across channels

what are the advantages of integrating into a multi-channel call center for enterprises to deal with the influx of customer needs from various channels through the call center

consistent experience

enterprises use the call center online, and the platform can improve the operation based on services. The linkage and coordination of multiple channels such as apps, stations, and microblogs can be improved. The measurement accuracy is better than ± 1% of the indicated value. It does not need customers to check whether the instrument and computer display are normal. Frequent switching of chat windows can directly communicate with customers from different channels, improve the efficiency of customer service, and optimize the customer experience, Improve service and profitability

user data portrait

without multi-channel management ability, the service and marketing work of customer service will be significantly limited. Mycomm Omni channel call center takes full account of the integration of service and marketing. The platform can provide enough comprehensive data to track customer behavior and draw a multi-dimensional user portrait of customer characteristics, so as to improve the accuracy of customer demand prediction and the accuracy of service provision conditions. Omni channel integration service is conducive to enterprises to efficiently do data mining, analysis and processing, and give full play to the maximum value of data

standardized service

mycomm has been committed to the field of customer service for many years, and has strict audit and testing standards for products, so that the management, process and function of the omni channel call center are highly consistent, and the service experience of different channels is consistent. The system can better integrate with other applications to ensure the plasticity and stability of the overall system

Omni channel is synonymous with seamless processes across all customer touchpoints. Mycomm Omni channel call center can seamlessly transfer information about customers and connect user applications to create the same customer dialogue and experience as natural dialogue, so as to maximize customer retention

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