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Mwz1670s automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine

mwz1670s automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine is a high-tech product independently developed by Qingdao Meiguang Machinery Co., Ltd. on the basis of semi-automatic die-cutting machine, which is suitable for die-cutting of large color boxes. The maximum die cutting size of this machine is 1635 × 1180mm is the largest product of this type of equipment in Asia at present. It is especially suitable for die cutting of curved paperboard. Die cutting speed 2. Silicon Pu elastic layer and silicon Pu reinforcing layer: moderate elasticity up to 4500 sheets/hour, high stability and reliability. The advantages of the equipment are mainly shown in the following points:

paper feeding part: accurate positioning and stable paper feeding

due to the door structure corresponding to the single arm structure, the roller front edge paper feeding system controlled by servo motor is adopted, and the paperboard reaches the front gauge after buffering, ensuring the accuracy of paperboard positioning; The suction air volume of the leading edge paper feeding system is continuously adjustable, which has a good adaptability to the bending paperboard, and the paper feeding is more stable; With side gauge positioning mechanism, the positioning accuracy is high and the adjustment is convenient

die cutting part: safe and stable, can reduce costs

the die cutting machine has large die cutting thickness, high precision, balanced and stable pressure; Worm, crankshaft and die-cut steel plate are finely ground after heat treatment, with high precision and long service life; Pneumatic clutch brake and torque limiter are used to ensure the safe use of the machine; Aluminum alloy tooth row has light weight, high precision and stable paper feeding; The main drive bearing, tooth row drive chain, main air control valve and electrical components are all foreign famous brands; It has a die-cutting structure without its mouth, which realizes no front waste die-cutting and greatly reduces the broken point difference; Lower customer costs

waste removal part: fully automatic production, ensuring high-efficiency production

with the advantages and disadvantages of the full waste removal system, it can automatically remove the front waste edge and intermediate waste, and the production efficiency is high; The waste removal template adopts a central positioning system, which is automatically clamped, so it is fast and convenient to align the template; The waste cleaning mode can be automatically switched and selected, which is suitable for a wide range of products

paper receiving part: continuous circulation, automatic paper transfer

with non-stop automatic paper receiving system, with high work efficiency; The pneumatic auxiliary paper receiving mechanism ensures the continuous circulation of the paper receiving system; The output stack quantity can be preset, and the stack is automatically transferred to the paper feeding table

electrical control part: realize man-machine dialogue, simple operation

adopt PLC program control, automatic fault detection and alarm, perfect protection function and high control reliability; LCD touch screen realizes man-machine dialogue, and the operation is convenient and intuitive; The main motor is controlled by frequency converter to realize stepless speed regulation; Automatic counting of actual die-cutting paperboard

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