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almost every consumer has the experience of ordering goods from the mail order catalogue. From food to fashion, mail order manuals have become a popular element in life. The same is true of magazines and other publications, which are an inseparable part of our lives. From the perspective of modern marketing, they effectively promote the communication between merchants and specific target groups. They are irreplaceable strong media, and only high-quality printing can receive this effect. For printing enterprises, is there a way to have the best of both worlds, which can not only meet the requirements of customers, but also save costs? 2 the answer is to use advanced rotary offset printing technology, which can make printers easily make profits. When the rotary offset press is running at high speed, it can run up to 15 meters of paper per second, and it can produce without stopping for 24 hours. In order to meet the personalized needs of products, even post press processing should be in line with the speed and quality of printing. The personalization of products is also reflected in the volume of rotary printing. In the past, 1million manuals were printed at one time. Now it has changed from 2012 to 2014 to print 5 to 6 versions, with only 200000 to 300000 copies of each version. This change makes the automation and production efficiency of the printing machine become the top priority, because they are the magic weapons to improve the printing speed, shorten the preparation time and reduce waste. Heidelberg's high-performance rotary rubber printing machine works together with drying equipment, folding machine and binding machine to improve the quality and efficiency of rotary printing to a new level. This is the productivity demonstrated by the business rotation printing solution. At the 5th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition. Heidelberg will also offer you two epoch-making XPS special committee rotation technologies under the concerted efforts of member units, namely, seamless blanket rollers and automatic version changing devices without breaking paper. Seamless blanket cylinder traditional offset press sees copper material passing through the base ldquo; Melting pot rdquo; Do not tie the joint of the rubber blanket after it meets with other rollers too tightly, which will produce mechanical vibration R, resulting in the production of ink bars. This interference will not only cause the decline of print quality. It also limits the printing speed. At the same time, we have to make a compromise between quality and speed. The new seamless blanket roller adopts a structure in which the tube is closely combined with the blanket material, replacing the previous flat blanket. It turns out. Seamless technology is by far the best cleaning method that can completely avoid vibration caused by rubber blanket seams. The replacement of the roller only takes 20 seconds or 40 seconds to complete the upper and lower versions semi automatically. As a result, the printing quality is greatly improved, and constant high quality can be guaranteed even on a wide rotating machine with a production speed of 100000 prints per hour. Change the version device without breaking the paper. The frequent replacement of printing plates consumes both manpower and money. The defects are more obvious when dealing with short version jobs. It often takes 20 minutes of downtime to replace the four printing plates and let the web pass through the four printing units again. Heidelberg's new automatic version change system effectively reduces the time of version change operation. Automatic plate loading and plate tensioning system are installed on the drum, which improves the horizontal and diagonal registration accuracy of the plate. The plate replacement is carried out by the moving plate box. The plate box is located outside the wallboard of the printing unit while waiting for the plate change, so that the operator can command conveniently and safely at the roller position. Heidelberg's automatic plate changing system greatly eases the working intensity of printing houses, because you no longer need to break paper when changing plates. Now? Five minutes is enough to replace eight printing plates on a four unit m60o rotary machine

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