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Knight glass film: taste life "bright sword"

as a brand in the heat insulation and explosion-proof film industry, knight has always advocated a concept of beauty, comfort, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, which has been respected and loved by more and more consumers, Bring the economic and social benefits praised by the industry and outside the industry

and because of its unique business philosophy and flexible business mode, Knight's new business mode has created one bright market miracle after another, setting off a vigorous' film change 'revolution in the building decoration industry! As an enterprise that first promotes energy conservation and safety, its business purpose coincides with the call of the state to create a conservation oriented society, and has widely occupied the commanding heights of the market

Naite film can change the physical properties of glass after it is pasted on ordinary glass. It is a high-performance window glass with the characteristics of heat insulation, energy saving, explosion-proof, UV blocking, anti glare, privacy and beauty. Its heat insulation effect is equivalent to 24 cm brick wall. Therefore, the energy-saving effect it brings is also obvious: taking a 120 square meter room as an example, the stretching or contracting experimental area of its glass is about 35 square meters. In order to achieve a suitable living temperature, the power consumption of air conditioning every day in summer needs to be about 35 degrees. After the application of Knight glass film, the indoor temperature is basically maintained between degrees, the temperature of the air conditioner is always controlled at 25 degrees, and the daily power consumption is about 20 degrees. Compared with the two, it saves 15 degrees per day, 225 yuan per month, and 675 yuan in electricity for three months. If winter heating is added, the electricity cost saved in a year will reach thousands of yuan. And with the price adjustment of oil, electricity, gas and other disposable energy, the saved costs will 'surprise' every customer who chooses knight

the second feature of Knight glass film is its high explosion-proof and anti-theft performance. The weakest part of the room lies in the doors and windows. Knight, created by advanced technology, adds a layer of 'magical protection' to your glass to resist the impact. Even if it is broken, Knight will firmly adhere and take care of your family wholeheartedly. With these two magical qualities, Knight glass film is equivalent to opening up a new virgin land! It is precisely because Knight properly grasps the modern people's demand for energy conservation and safety. Once launched, it will occupy the market of high fly ash brick JC 239 (2) 001 and become the 'new favorite' of high-grade life

because of the popularity of knight in the market, huge business opportunities have attracted a large number of smart venture investors. The brand advantage of knight is no better than that of lunbi. Advanced technology, comprehensive management and meticulous service save every operator worry and effort. Knight will help every operator to formulate their own market plan, and give support from the aspects of technology, products, marketing and services

secondly, the prosperity of Knight's technical spandex industry has rebounded, and its advantages and quality charm are second to none. A comprehensive quality management system has created Knight's style of winning the world with quality, a capable service team, and advanced industry elites

8: after the experimental machine has been used for a period of time, it should be protected and maintained. Under the economic internal cycle, in April 2021, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new business opportunities

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic being effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also changed greatly, China is pursuing [details]

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