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Mycomm helps Huaneng Group build a comprehensive customer service. The aluminum processing industry is the Chaoyang industry call center

recently, with its accumulated product advantages in the field of customer service for many years, mycomm successfully won the bid for the construction project of Huaneng information call center platform of China Huaneng Group, and helped promote the informatization of Huaneng Group's customer service system to a new level

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China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. is a pilot of state authorized investment institutions and state holding companies approved by the State Council. It is a state-owned enterprise reorganized on the basis of the former China Huaneng Group Company, which is managed by the central government. On November 23, 2018, the Academy of Social Sciences released the 2018 corporate social ranking, and China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. ranked 6th. The top 100 Chinese enterprises of the the Belt and Road ranked 68th. In April 2020, it was selected into the list of demonstration enterprises of scientific and technological reform of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council

1. Due to the continuous expansion of business scale and personnel scale, customer service pressure increases, which is difficult to meet the business requirements of Huaneng's rapid growth

2. The internal operation and maintenance of the enterprise cannot be managed in a process, forming an island and affecting the office efficiency

3. Customer service cannot be uniformly managed and allocated

mycomm solution

in order to ensure the independent construction and operation and maintenance of informatization of Huaneng Group, mycomm helps Huaneng build a call center platform, unify the customer support service window, realize multi-channel access, unify all media routing, unified reports, unified management, unified scheduling, etc. In combination with the internal operation and maintenance management needs, we will achieve refined task process planning and management, further improve the customer service guarantee system, and provide support for higher quality and efficient information-based operation and maintenance services for all units in Huaneng system

in terms of security and stability, the system has a two node remote disaster recovery deployment mode, the core platform has local disaster recovery capability, and the agents have a centralized and distributed mixed deployment mode, which can fully ensure the company's internal data retention and business uninterrupted flow

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Lianxin Zhicheng's main products cover customer service, customer service, intelligent customer service, customer service CRM and other customer service areas. Next, Jinan Shijin, a Jinan experimental machine manufacturer, will introduce to you which eight types of domain related products are available, and the stability and security of the products are in the leading position in the industry. More than 50000 seats have been delivered and served, and more than 2000 customers have been served. The industries involved include government, real estate, medical treatment, finance, insurance, telecommunications, electricity, education, media, interconnection, manufacturing and other diverse fields

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