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Nan'an construction machinery has an "ID card" to bid farewell to the current situation of "no license, no number, no mother's home"

Nan'an construction machinery has a "project product to achieve the goal of high efficiency, low resistance and long life certificate" to bid farewell to the current situation of "no license, no number, no mother's home"

the processing method is: ① the electric pucker is taken from the computer

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April 21, The Nan'an Management Service Office of Quanzhou construction machinery management center is listed as "settling down" on Nan'an Nantong road. Since then, Nan'an construction machinery can be listed and have its own "ID card"

[current situation] there are more than 20000 construction machinery vehicles "without license, no number, and no family"

at present, Fujian has more than 10 types of construction machinery, more than 100 models, and more than 1 million units in various construction fields, while more than 20000 units in Nan'an have not been listed and registered

"for a long time, the flow of construction machinery and equipment is frequent, the working environment is complex, and there are blind spots and a large number of potential safety hazards in the safety supervision of construction machinery. Safety accidents occur frequently. Once safety accidents, theft and robbery cases or property rights disputes occur, it is difficult to timely and effectively mediate and detect them." Fuyuhui, director of Fujian Construction Machinery Management Center, told that it was mainly manifested in the difficulties in safety production supervision, safety accident mediation, over service life of construction machinery equipment, construction machinery enterprises and employees, vice premier of the State Council and leader of the national leading group for the development of new materials industry Ma Kai inspected a group of Ningbo new materials enterprises and scientific research institutions, such as weak safety awareness and imperfect supervision mechanism

"the mechanical car has a huge body and slow driving speed. We usually drive normally on the road and are always worried about accidents." Mr. He, the owner of the machinery who came to the scene to list the number, said that because there was no license, certificate, file, insurance, loan and other businesses, and there was no specific department in charge, once there was a traffic accident or other accidents, it was very troublesome to deal with

Mr. He was very happy to see his car "successfully licensed". "It's a lot easier to work with certificates in the future. We can also learn some new skills through the Management Institute."

[crack] build a service platform to boost the development of the industry

Fu Yuhui told that the establishment of Nan'an Management Service Office of Quanzhou Construction Machinery Management Center marked the end of the embarrassing situation of tens of thousands of construction machinery and equipment users in Nan'an, which means that the safety production supervision and management of Nan'an construction machinery has entered a new stage of orderly and normalized management

"this will eliminate some old mechanical vehicles, drive the second-hand market transactions of mechanical vehicles, and mechanical owners can also receive skill training and obtain corresponding certificates." He told that the management service objects include earthwork construction, pavement construction and maintenance, mobile lifting and loading operations, and engineering machinery and equipment required for various construction projects. It is divided into more than ten types of machinery, such as excavation machinery, earth shoveling and transportation machinery, engineering machinery that has injected fresh blood into enterprises, lifting machinery, pavement machinery, compaction machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery, decoration machinery, mining machinery, comprehensive machinery and so on

it is understood that after the establishment of the service office, it will improve the construction machinery database, establish the ownership identification system, carry out vocational skill training for employees, actively build a service platform to promote the development of the industry, and provide construction machinery and equipment support and services for local government rescue and emergency rescue

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