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Relying on Radware cloud DDoS protection, myntex successfully defended against attacks

ctiforum news on June 16 (Li Wenjie): thanks to Radware (nasdaq:rdwr) company's cloud DDoS protection service, myntex successfully defended against large-scale network attacks from multiple synchronous attackers, and even the geographical differences of scattered types are more obvious. Radware is the world's leading virtual data center that provides users with the best service level Cloud data center and software define data center application delivery and network security solution providers

mytex, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a leading provider of trusted encryption solutions. The company focuses on ensuring the privacy and security of users in mobile communication

after suffering a series of large-scale DDoS attacks integrating multiple attack vectors in April, myntex encountered a serious service interruption event. At that time, myntex relied on standard security methods and protocols and other DDoS providers that could not guarantee user services and prevent downtime. The attack lasted for one month, including advanced persistent denial of service attack (APDOS), which includes multi carrier burst DDoS attacks ranging from 40Gbps to 130gbps

geoff green, President and CEO of myntex, said: security threats come from all directions. Covert hackers and DDoS attacks intended to destroy corporate systems have become larger and more complex, but only a few enterprises can successfully defend against them. If we cannot defend against these attacks, our customers' services will be interrupted, and mobile communications will fail, causing serious losses. Our customers will also lose trust in our products and eventually leave us

in order to regain control, myntex deployed Radware cloud security services. On April 21, Radware emergency response service team officially began to cooperate with myntex

Green went on to say: in view of the intensity of the attacks we face, we chose Radware to mitigate DDoS attacks against us. Now, even if we are attacked, we can immediately resume normal operation. After the start of cloud security services, many APDOS and DDoS attacks have been successfully blocked and mitigated, including two large-scale attacks of 130gbps and 113gbps. Radware provides DDoS Defense Measures with minimal to zero downtime that we can bring great value

radware cloud security service is operated and maintained by Radware emergency response team. It provides enterprise level cloud protection service to defend against multi carrier threats, which can avoid interruption and minimize the degradation of service level. Radware cloud security service can accurately detect and mitigate attacks against myntex in a few minutes without causing any service delay or blocking any legitimate user traffic. The real-time reporting and monitoring function can report the situation to mytex

Haim zelikovsky, vice president of Radware cloud business, said: in the past few months, sudden and large traffic DDoS attacks intended to disrupt the normal business operations of enterprises have surged. Radware 2015 ERT report found that since 2014, the number of large-scale burst DDoS attacks has increased by 27%. These attacks are aimed at the weak links in the enterprise Internet connection, which leads to major service interruption. The total attack mitigation capacity of Radware global cloud security network exceeds 2tbps, which can be 5: the forced needle cannot stop at any position to detect and mitigate these attacks. At the same time, ensure that normal business operations are not affected

Carl Herberger, vice president of Radware security solutions, said: to successfully mitigate such a large-scale network attack without causing disruption to normal business operations, experienced and skilled talents are required. Radware cloud security service is managed by Radware's battle proven emergency response team, which can realize complete end-to-end security policy configuration, detect and mitigate network attacks, and can also warn and report attacks in real time. This enables our customers to maintain normal business operations in the event of an attack

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Radware (nasdaq:rdwr) is a global leader in providing application delivery and application security solutions for the implementation of new technologies in virtual data centers and cloud data so that people can carry out various activities in a more "smart" way. Radware's award-winning solutions provide full flexibility, maximum it efficiency and complete business agility for key business applications. Radware solutions help tens of thousands of enterprises and operators around the world quickly respond to market challenges, maintain business continuity, and effectively reduce costs while achieving maximum productivity

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