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Mytex will start producing PP block copolymers

mytex polymers Asia Pacific, a joint venture between Exxon Mobil and Mitsubishi Chemical, has recently started producing block copolymers and is about to enter universal production. We will produce ap03b grade and other three grades for washing machines and supply them to the Asia Pacific market

exxon bobil takes Hong Kong as the center and will sell polyolefins in this region. Therefore, about 50 salespersons of multi-layer architectural coating GB 9779 (8) will be set up. Mitsubishi Chemical has also set up salespeople with Hong Kong and Thailand as the center, using this sales road to develop the market expansion of polypropylene (PP) copolymers. TPC, which is headquartered in Singapore in the Asia Pacific region, has an overwhelming advantage in copolymers. However, due to the formal participation of mytex, it uses a large number of lightweight materials in block copolymers for household appliances and batteries, and I'm afraid the competition will intensify

exxon Mobil has launched ethylene and propylene in sequence since late May. At present, PP with an annual output of 270000 metric tons has been close to full-service operation. The film grade and span bond homopolymers that Exxon Mobil has worked hard to develop the market have been evaluated on the market and have been successfully sold. Recently, the joint venture company mytex of Exxon Mobil and Mitsubishi Chemical has also begun to produce block copolymer with a five fold change

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