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Editor's note: the growth rate of China's food packaging industry is maintaining a high level. Especially today, when flexible packaging is becoming a popular code, the comprehensive economic benefit index of enterprises in the flexible packaging industry, which is mainly composed of paper and plastic, is further improved, and its proportion in the industry is also expanding. As a supporting industry, the packaging industry can best reflect the development of a country, so it is often called the "barometer" of national economic development. With the development of domestic trade, especially the import and export trade, China's packaging industry should pay attention to the fundamental changes that have taken place, and the level of packaging products has been greatly improved. At present, as a sunrise industry, the food packaging and mechanical equipment industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. In this issue, the special topic of food packaging is launched to discuss the sustainable development of the industry and pay attention to the latest trends of relevant enterprises

business opportunities under the prevalence of flexible packaging

a market survey report of the American Commercial Packaging Association pointed out that generally speaking, there will be four major trends in the international market of food flexible packaging:

first, to develop into three-dimensional specifications. The original flexible packaging is changing from irregular shape to box shape, simple shape and other three-dimensional specifications, which can be developed by relying on energy accumulators to facilitate packing and display the shape of food

II. Multiple sealing and opening flexible packaging is widely used. This kind of package is easy to open and can be resealed. It can reseal the food that cannot be used up at one time

III. The colors and patterns of food flexible packaging are more fashionable to increase the attraction to customers

IV. packaging materials are more durable. Flexible packaging can be folded at will, and it can still maintain good barrier property when wrinkled or twisted

specifically, among perishable foods, bagged foods and cereals are the two fastest-growing parts, including meat foods, agricultural products and other frozen foods. These foods are usually packaged with high-capacity vacuum film and placed on the periphery of the supermarket. However, the market characteristics, size and complexity of packaging requirements will lead to the diversification of packaging materials over a period of time

with the best-selling of smoked sausage for banquet and breakfast, its packaging film will become the fastest growing part at a rate of 9% per year. Metallocene is gradually replacing ionomer or vinyl acetate as sealing material. Although the number of people who eat high-fat and breakfast decreases, new flavors and low-fat varieties still help to promote the demand for packaging films

for many markets, especially breakfast and candy markets, novel patterns are necessary, which can often trigger people's desire to buy. Many foods require high moisture resistance in packaging

other markets include Cereals, pet food and coffee. The fastest-growing products are those priced a little over $5. Most foods are often prominently placed in the middle aisle of the supermarket, and individual food supplies may be placed in the cashier or convenience store to stimulate consumers' desire to buy

candy is the part with the highest profit margin, which continues to grow at a rate of about 5%. The amount of candy purchased by consumers on impulse exceeds 7O% of the total sales. Therefore, packaging processors use high-quality packaging patterns - especially metallized patterns. The market opportunity of low-fat candy also helps to promote the development of packaging industry

high grade pet food uses more expensive packaging materials and has an increasing share in the market. These foods contain more expensive and oxygen sensitive ingredients, which need better packaging protection

the huge business opportunities in China's food flexible packaging industry are highlighted in the following areas:

meat industry

in the past 30 years, China's meat industry has experienced two major developments. The first was in the early 1980s. With the introduction of foreign advanced meat processing equipment and technology at that time, the development of packaged frozen meat segmentation and Western cooked meat products was driven; The second was in the 10 years since the early 1990s, with the development of products represented by small packaged chilled meat, ham sausage and Chinese meat products. After entering the 21st century, under the new situation of China's entry into WTO, China's meat industry will face another new period of development. During this period, the development of the meat industry is not only reflected in quantity, but also in quality. High-quality, safe and assured meat products will continue to appear, and new products with high technical content such as low-temperature meat products and industrialized Chinese meat products will be the development direction in the future. In the 21st century, China's meat industry is facing a new development period, and it is also a century full of challenges and opportunities for the flexible packaging industry. The great attention to food safety issues all over the world and the promotion of HACCP system in the food field have made the meat industry put forward new requirements for the flexible packaging industry to meet the growing market needs

beverage and beer industry

in the beverage market, the development of paper cans also presents a broad prospect. At present, the annual consumption of aluminum cans in China is billion, so the new packaging containers that replace aluminum cans have become a concern of the industry. The birth of paper cans has overcome the disadvantages of aluminum cans and has broad prospects for development. Relevant experts predict that China's annual demand for paper cans will gradually reach 15billion, and its excellent characteristics will inject new vitality into China's packaging industry

1998 to 2001 was the peak period of pet development in China's beverage industry, and this field has been in a stable period of development since 2002. For the future, the market prospect of PET beer bottles is widely optimistic, and it is speculated that it can even exceed the market demand of existing fruit juice and drinking water. At present, many enterprises at home and abroad have developed PET beer bottles, and the development of PET beer bottles has become the focus of attention in the whole industry. A few PET beer bottle production lines have appeared in foreign markets. It is believed that there will be more significant breakthroughs in this field in the future Chinese market

instant noodles and flavor packs

in recent years, the prosperity of instant noodles has made the best explanation and annotation for the packaging of "high temperature sterilization and normal temperature conditioning bags". Among them, in order to increase the variability and diversification of instant noodles, traditional flavor foods such as fried meat with shredded bamboo shoots, braised beef with scallions, angelica mutton, curry chicken and other seasoning ingredients have also been made into delicious conditioning bags through advanced food processing and packaging technology. With noodles, the varieties of instant noodles have been enriched, the quick cooked food industry has been activated, and the needs of people's fast-paced life have been met. As a result, the market for more and more soup dumpling seasonings and local cuisine ingredients has grown rapidly, opening up a broad market space for food flexible packaging

Less than half a year after its establishment

baking industry

in recent years, flexible packaging, paper packaging and blister packaging are the three mainstream of baking packaging. Plastic flexible packaging is a rapidly growing packaging industry in recent years. It plays a leading role in these three mainstream, and has successively developed a number of new food packaging products with unique functions and diverse varieties, which is refreshing and has been welcomed by consumers and concerned by the packaging industry. Adopt new packaging technologies, such as active packaging, fresh-keeping packaging, moisture-proof packaging, anti fog packaging, selective breathable packaging, non slip packaging, buffer packaging, anti-static packaging, etc. The application of these packaging technologies can significantly improve the function of packaging, make it more in line with people's consumption needs, and will play a more important role in the baking industry

health food

with the enhancement of people's awareness of health care and health preservation, the market space of health food is becoming larger and larger. In health food, flexible packaging will present a larger market space with its unique advantages

flexible packaging makes more and more health food realize "green" packaging. The frequently used materials for the "green" packaging axis of health food are excellent carbon steel. 35, 45 and 50 refer to the packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, and the packaging materials can be recycled and recycled. Nowadays, the development of "green" packaging has become a necessary work, and the pace of vigorously developing and popularizing new environmental protection packaging materials such as recyclable, degradable and natural, and incineration that does not pollute the atmosphere will be accelerated

flexible packaging is convenient to meet the demand for "less measurement packaging" in health food packaging. The inner packaging of health food is required to have the function of accurate measurement, including the use of packaging materials with measurement function and one-time dosage packaging. The latter is a common less measurement packaging. In the United States, one-time packaging has been popularized in 1990. With the development of composite materials and sterilization packaging technology, China has been able to effectively ensure the accuracy of one-time dosage packaging of liquid and solid agents. It is a general trend to continue to develop the convenient and accurate flexible packaging form of "less metering packaging"

flexible packaging meets the requirements of "environmental regulation" for health food packaging. The so-called "environmental regulation packaging" is to change the gas state in the packaging and ensure the quality of the packaged products for a long time, such as the packaging sealed with desiccant (oxygen getter) and the packaging of air replacement (nitrogen filling, etc.). This form of packaging will continue to be developed and popularized; High barrier packaging. High barrier packaging is to use materials with excellent barrier properties to prevent gas, water vapor, odor, light, etc. from entering the packaging, so as to ensure the effectiveness of health food. The application of high barrier packaging has been very common in Europe and Japan, while China has introduced high barrier packaging such as PVDC since the 1980s, but its development is slow; "Sterile" packaging. "Sterile" packaging is a method of sterilizing and packaging packaged health food in a "sterile" environment by using instant ultra-high temperature sterilization technology. Multi purpose composite materials are packed through different forms of extrusion and composite molding. It has the advantages of better maintaining functionality, extending shelf life, saving energy, reducing packaging costs, and easy to achieve environmental protection

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