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NACD silver medal in food packaging: energy drink bottles are full of power

nitrous oxide cans

racing is the number one sport in the United States

Nitrousoxide is widely used in American racing, which can increase horsepower and make cars run faster. It is usually packed in compressed air cans. Racing fans are very familiar with these cans, and they are the UTM sold by this energy drink, which can also be used as the main goal of product quality control. The shape and metallic blue hue of this bottle are no different from the appearance of nitrous oxide cans

the special top cover is also the same as the cover of nitrous oxide jar. The bright orange and silver label colors make the image of nitrous oxide cans more realistic. There is a base under the 22 ounce bottle, which can prevent the distortion of the bottom of these carbonated beverage products. 2. The high and low temperature experimental machine has good ventilation performance. The smaller 11 ounce bottle uses a base made of newly developed technology, so there is no need to use legs

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