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Mycomm psychological assistance system helps further improve the value of mental health counseling to maximize

according to statistics, 20% of people will encounter psychological barriers, 90% of people will be troubled by emotions such as anxiety to varying degrees, and psychological problems are like colds, which are a common disease. But if we get better psychological intervention in the early stage of the crisis, many tragedies will not happen

the establishment of psychological assistance system (psychological counseling service system, psychological crisis intervention system) can enable more psychological patients to get psychological counseling from psychological counselors and psychological guidance experts, so as to get rid of psychological confusion and extreme ideas. This is not only conducive to the psychological crisis intervention of psychological patients, timely assistance, to avoid the occurrence of malignant events, but also to the assistance of the whole society, prevention, and plays an important role in social stability

mycom has more than 20 years of experience in the research and development of call center system. Based on its own technical accumulation and industry experience, combined with the characteristics of the psychological counseling industry, it has developed a psychological assistance system. The psychological assistance system provides a unified service window, which can provide timely and convenient psychological counseling services, and plays an important role in psychological crisis intervention and mental health promotion. The convenient and practical functions provided by mycomm psychological assistance system can further improve the maximization of the value of mental health counseling

mycomm psychological assistance system combines the leading voice interaction technology with the computer information management method to establish a scientific, practical and professional management mode for users, and build a software and hardware support platform with the functions of psychological consultation, psychological appointment, crisis intervention, voice message, transfer, psychological knowledge, etc., so as to effectively improve the level of psychological crisis intervention and improve the work efficiency and effect of crisis intervention

unified service

the platform provides external unified switchboard numbers for easy memory

it can support the unified queuing of all access methods (voice, web, app and other incoming or access methods), so as to meet the needs of consultants to obtain help from the psychological service center in different ways

record and pop-up screen

in the consultation process, the agent collects and records the relevant information of the caller, such as gender, age, occupation, previous diagnosis, treatment and current treatment, consultation of main problems and treatment measures, etc

when the caller calls again, the consultation record of the call will pop up automatically, and the number, area, number of calls, duration of consultation and other information will be displayed automatically

high risk assessment questionnaire survey

the main function of psychological assistance is to relieve emotional stress, reduce the pain of callers and the risk of suicide. During the evaluation, the agent clicks the evaluation module and evaluates item by item according to the system settings. The strength limit is an important indicator to measure the strength of materials In fact, the intention is that the working stress should not exceed the strength limit of the material, otherwise it will break and even cause serious accidents The attendants can accurately evaluate and classify callers through professional questionnaire topics and scientific evaluation system

high risk return visit function

suicide high risk calls are the key service objects of psychological assistance. If the consultant evaluates the high-risk call, the system will automatically pop up the prompt box of high-risk call handling principles and methods, and the system will display red at the high-risk follow-up appointment to remind the consultant to conduct high-risk follow-up regularly

psychological assistance knowledge base

add knowledge and information related to consulting services according to the needs of consultants and common call types. During the answering process, if consultants encounter difficult problems, they can click this module to view relevant knowledge to help them answer smoothly

monitoring and quality inspection

it can monitor the calling process, agent status, waiting calls and each channel of IVR in real time, so as to realize the intelligent management of system resources

in the recording quality inspection module, the functions of recording retrieval, recording listening, recording scoring, recording listening and so on can be realized. Through recording quality inspection, it is convenient for managers to assess and manage consultants

statistical analysis of data

can generate rich reports, understand the counseling habits of psychological counselors, and analyze the proportion and development trend of different psychological problems of psychological counselors

the system tube can carry out the cantilever Charpy specimen suspension zigzag experiment theory

the system provides visualization. 2.6 it requires the friendly management interface when the motor changes independently. The IVR process, working time, voice and other information of the system are managed by the visual interface, which is convenient and easy to learn

all permissions of the system are assigned by the background maintenance personnel. After the guarantee, compositeadvantage was founded in 2005. The certificate system is safe, reasonable and stable

mycomm psychological assistance system has the functions of automatic voice navigation, caller pop-up screen, user data recording, whole process recording, monitoring, transfer, follow-up questionnaire survey, risk assessment, statistical statements, monitoring items for caller suicide risk assessment, intervention effect and consultant service quality assessment. It is applicable to colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, psychological counseling institutions, military and police forces, enterprises and institutions, government and judicial organs

a psychological assistance service platform that can provide psychological comfort, talk space and crisis intervention for consultants has become an important way for the state to give priority to providing psychological health care, and plays an active role in dealing with psychological stress and preventing psychological behavior problems. Psychological assistance platform has become an effective, relatively convenient and practical way of mental health education, psychological counseling and psychological crisis intervention

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