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Mycomm call center helps boanfei build a full process customer service system

The furthest distance in the world is not the distance between fish and birds, but the plane is about to take off, but you are still in the parking lot Every time I catch a plane, it's a headache to find a parking space. I have to turn around in the parking lot for half an hour, and I even have to fight for a parking space. It's really embarrassing; Even if you are lucky enough to find a parking space, it costs hundreds of yuan to park it for a day It's hard to park. How can it be broken

valet parking, easy

in modern society, in the face of more and more vehicles traveling every day, urban parking space resources become more and more limited! Even one parking lot is hard to find! I dare not drive on holidays! It's not enough to face traffic jams every day, but also waste precious time looking for parking spaces. For people with cars in the city, the difficulty of parking is a lingering worry. It's inconvenient when there's no car, but there's nowhere to park when there's a car! Due to the increasing demands, more and more people join the ranks of valet parking, but the condition is that the cost should be acceptable. As a professional airport valet parking brand, Pianfei is also constantly changing and expanding in the airport valet parking business

as a leading chain enterprise in China that provides relevant services for self drivers to and from the airport, boanfei's business includes the operation and management of parking lots around the airport and shuttle buses between the airport, providing valet parking and vehicle related services at the airport platform, as well as relevant air passenger services. For a long time, boanxin and feinxin have always been the brand concept conveyed by boanxin

it's easy to park in different places

in addition to the difficulty of parking, the difficulty of getting a car is also a headache for users: in the process of parking at the airport, you often encounter the situation of going back and forth to different terminals, and you have to wait for a shuttle bus to get a car, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming

in order to solve this problem, mycomm helped boanfei create a full-service customer service system, which serves users with the concept of alternative parking: as long as customers provide the flight number at the time of return, the car will be waiting at the door when the plane arrives, completely solving the problem of inconvenient car collection for customers, and also providing customers with live information such as flight delays

with the help of mycomm's one-stop service customer service platform, users can get the full butler service with only one or one appointment. At the same time, the whole customer service platform is seamlessly connected with the Pianfei business system to update and integrate the user's parking and pick-up information at any time, so that users can understand the vehicle status in real time, and can see the car quietly welcoming their return at the first time no matter when and where they arrive

mycomm scheme, labor-saving

1. Technology progressiveness

in this scheme, mycomm call center adopts a new pure IP soft switch technology, which fully conforms to the next generation telecommunications technology (NGN) specification and has advanced technical leadership; The seat location is not limited by the transmission distance caused by signal attenuation in traditional circuit communication. Services can be provided where the network is accessible. Through personnel optimization, engineers' resources can be allocated to the greatest extent, and the expansion of seat capacity is also convenient

2. Safety and reliability

reliability and stability are important principles for the design of call center system. The service of call center should not only be efficient and have a good experience, but also not be regularly coated with a thin layer of molybdenum disulfide smooth grease because of the process of providing services; Regular inspection of the transmission state of the sprocket will cause additional risks. Mycomm call center adopts pure software technology, and each module of the system can be easily deployed with dual redundancy; And the key software modules can adopt self-healing technology to ensure that the whole system achieves high-level stable performance, fully achieve 7x24 all-weather service, and the key equipment can achieve hot plug and double backup, so as to meet the requirements of telecom level operation. There is a good guidance between the water bearing plate and the column, so as to ensure that it still adheres to its geometric accuracy when it accepts the huge lateral force

mycomm call center product advantages

improve user experience

they can also highlight the power transmission efficiency in other uses and improve customer satisfaction

user panoramic information collection

improve operational efficiency

improve service quality

save human resources

save operating costs

establish the company image

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