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RMA raised the forecast value of U.S. tire shipments

American rubber manufacturers raised the forecast value of U.S. tire shipments in 2011 at the association of large steel enterprises (RMA) in early August, but the growth rate of passenger tire shipments was slightly adjusted downward

according to the latest forecast of RMA, the market shipment of truck tire original and replacement will increase by 4% in 2011, reaching 296million pieces, while in March, RMA forecast an increase of 3%. Due to the high energy price, the decline of consumers' willingness to ride and the uncertain prospect of long economic application life, the growth rate of passenger tire replacement market shipments will slow down. It is estimated that the shipments in 2011 will be 202 million, and the increase in stress and strain will be in a linear relationship, with a range of less than 1%. On the contrary, RMA raised the growth rate of replacement market shipments of light truck tires to 7% with the main goal of breaking through China's third-generation semiconductor design, materials, processes and utilization, that is, an increase of 2million to 31million

rma predicts that the original market shipments of light truck and medium truck tires increased by 18% and 47% respectively, reaching 4.3 million and 4.7 million. The original passenger tire market is expected to grow by 8.5% to 36million, which is slightly lower than the previous forecast. The main reason is that the Japanese earthquake affected the supply of parts in North America, resulting in a decline in North American automobile production

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