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Lubrizol chose Shanghai, China to expand its special chemicals factory. Yesterday, Lubrizol held a press conference in Shanghai and announced that it would invest US $40million (about 310million yuan) to build a new production base on the recently acquired land of about 31000 square meters. The plot connects the company's existing Estane TPU plant. The new plant will have manufacturing, commercial and technical capabilities. It is planned to start construction in the third quarter of 2007 and complete it in the fourth quarter of 2008

the new plant will mainly produce resins, polymers and special additives for paints, wood, plastics, metals and textiles. They are also used for printing inks, specialty papers and adhesives. Carboset, Hycar, LANCO, myflam and solsperse are part of the brand high-performance coating products planned to be produced

ingredients for personal care products used in shampoos, personal cleaning products, skin creams and lotions, and cosmetics will also be produced in the new factory. These ingredients include a stream of certain specified friction coefficients that have to be tested repeatedly to change modifiers, thickeners, and styling polymers. They give consumer products unique appearance characteristics, such as smooth appearance and fluidity, as well as outstanding post use feeling on hair and skin

the reason why Lubrizol chose to expand its special chemical plant in Shanghai, China, said that it was the strategy of promoting business growth through product innovation and geographical expansion that led Lubrizol to decide to expand in Shanghai. Lubrizol aims to increase profits by 9% to 11% annually. In order to achieve this challenging goal, the company's growth strategy includes: improving operating profit margin and efficiency; Strengthen our existing business, and promote business growth through complementary mergers and acquisitions, application development, product innovation, and regional expansion

Lubrizol's goal is to clearly tell our investors, customers and our community that we are a company with a consistent vision as our direction because our extruder products are closely linked to strategic new industries. This vision is to make Lubrizol one of the largest and most profitable specialty chemical companies in the world. The company focuses on technological innovation, its commitment to employees and its traceable continuous growth, making Lubrizol the best company in the industry for customers, employees and shareholders

this plan is to make "Lubrizol" the only name associated with all businesses of the company. It has also developed new names for the two business departments of the company. The company will change the name of nuoyu to Lubrizol advanced materials, covering product lines such as high-performance coatings, modified polymers and professional consumer products. Lubrizol additives will be the name we use for our engine oil additives business, power transmission system and industrial additives business. Now the name is run talking about the use of high-performance composite materials, constantly increasing oil additives. It is planned to implement these name changes globally later this year. These can simplify our communication with stakeholders. Moreover, a clear identity is conducive to the overall vision of the company

about Lubrizol company

Lubrizol company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 1928, and took the lead in developing lubricating oil additives nearly 80 years ago. Today, it is a listed innovative specialty chemicals company. The company's shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange with the code LZ

the company is headquartered in Wickliffe, Ohio, USA. The company owns and operates production bases in 20 countries, with sales and technical service offices all over the world. There are about 6700 employees worldwide. The turnover in 2006 was US $4billion, equivalent to about 31billion yuan

the company produces and sells products to more than 100 countries. Due to the company's outstanding formulation ability and deep understanding of chemical principles, our products have unique properties to improve the quality and performance of our customers' products

customers' products are used in the global transportation, industrial and consumer goods markets. Lubrizol's technology helps customers achieve differentiation and create competitive advantages in the market. In addition to enhancing the quality, performance and value of customers' products, Lubrizol's industry-leading technology in additives, ingredients and mixtures also reduces the environmental impact of those customers' products

the company's market supervision department organizes the price inspection of enterprises, electricity and other fields, including ingredients and additives for personal care products and drugs; Modified polymers, including plastic technology; And special resins and additives in high-performance coatings. The products also include additives for engine oils, other transportation related liquids and industrial lubricants, as well as fuel additives for gasoline and diesel

what is the history of Lubrizol in China

Lubrizol's history in China can be traced back to more than 20 years ago:

1984 - selling lubricant additive technology to Sinopec

1994 – China Lubrizol was formed and a representative office was opened in Beijing

1996 - formed two joint ventures with Sinopec to set up blending plants in Tianjin and Lanzhou

1998 - Shanghai Lubrizol International Trade Co., Ltd. was established to sell imported Lubrizol products to Chinese customers and purchase Chinese raw materials for export

2000 - Lanzhou joint venture was expanded from a simple blending plant to a comprehensive additive single agent manufacturing plant, and PetroChina became a new partner

2004 – acquisition of nuoyu international, including four business, technology and manufacturing institutions in Shanghai, as well as offices and laboratories in Hong Kong

2005 - Estane TPU plant in Songjiang District of Shanghai was put into operation, becoming the first TPU plant built by multinational manufacturers in China

2006 – set up a laboratory in Shanghai to support the industrial additive business

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