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Road and Bridge: paper prices have been rising all the way. Enterprises have actively responded to the release of

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core tip: in May, the rise in paper prices has made a comeback, and all "junk kings" began to return to the Jianghu. According to the survey, the purchase price of local waste cartons has risen from 30 cents per kilogram to more than 1 yuan, and the paper price can be described as "singing all the way"

[China Packaging News] in May, the rise in paper prices made a comeback again, and all "junk kings" began to make a comeback. According to the survey, the purchase price of local waste cartons has risen from 30 cents per kilogram to more than 1 yuan, and the paper price can be described as "singing all the way"

waste collection: Waste cartons have risen from 0.3 yuan per kilogram to more than 1 yuan

Master Liu comes from Jiangxi, and his face is always full of smiles recently. "The price of waste products has risen again." Master Liu said while sorting out the waste cartons and old newspapers just recycled on the car

don't underestimate the garbage collector. Master Liu relies on this to feed and clothe his parents in his hometown and to send his two children to school. However, before the May Day holiday, the price of waste products could not go up, which made Master Liu "stop" for a long time

but recently, every time I see Master Liu, I can hear him sing a ditty while collecting waste products. "About a month ago, the price of waste paper began to rise again. As soon as this business was good, my mood changed." Master Liu said that the original waste cartons and newspapers were only about 50 cents per kilogram, and only twoorthree cents per kilogram at low times. No one sold them, and they couldn't sell them at a good price when they were sent to the waste purchase station. However, since the middle of April, waste cartons and old newspapers have risen to 80 cents per kilogram, and citizens are selling more waste products, while Master Liu's selling price is 1.2 yuan - he has successfully participated in the construction of a large number of key pipeline projects between 1.5 yuan, and he has also made money

carton factory: she receives the price increase notice every day

Ms. Wen is a distributor of office paper wholesale in the digital city. She has been in the paper industry for more than 10 years. Because she takes goods directly from the manufacturer, she is also the earliest and most frequent wholesaler to receive the price increase notice from the paper factory. "Office paper has been rising continuously since last year, and it has basically not stopped. This month, it has increased by 200 yuan/ton. For example, a box of A4 paper, which was at the lowest of more than 100 yuan last year, is now sold by Baiwang brand to more than 180 yuan." Ms. Wen said

carton manufacturers are also facing the pressure of price rise ψ Said home, because at this stage, we will receive price increase letters almost every day. Mr. Ying, the person in charge of a carton manufacturer in Pengjie, said that on May 6, he had just received a notice from the raw material supplier that one square meter of paper would be increased by 10 cents. As a result, he received a new notice on the 7th day, saying that one square meter of paper would be increased by another 8 points, and on the 10th, it would be increased by another 8 percentage points on the basis of May 7. "Now it's rising every day. This wave of price increases has increased by nearly 20%. I don't want to say any more." Mr. Ying sighed, "there is a rise in the price of raw materials, and here we go to inventory. The price of cartons will be adjusted in a few days, or we will lose money."

merchants and business owners: although they have a headache, they actively deal with the "crazy cartons" in the recent stage, which makes many merchants headache. The person in charge of a food processing enterprise in Jinqing said, "from last September to now, the quotation of carton suppliers has almost doubled. The sales manager of the carton factory who has cooperated for many years a while ago came to the door to explain that he had been in the paper business for decades and had never seen the paper price so high."

it is worth mentioning that some export enterprises actively adopt recycling packaging as a countermeasure, which has better saved costs

"Cartons have been rising since last year, and we must find ways to deal with it. So, we changed cartons to folding cartons, thickened and strengthened them, and added wear-resistant plastics to increase the strength and service life. Although the whole price has doubled, it can be reused for about 30 times, and the cost after deducting freight is more than 20% less than before. In addition, for exported products, it is changed to composite test The maintenance knowledge board of the machine is packed in a wooden box. " Mr. Xu, head of a refrigeration equipment company, said

the main reason for the country to strictly control the "three wastes" is

so, what exactly causes the paper price to "sing all the way"

it is understood that the first is that the state strictly controls the import of "three wastes" (waste paper, waste metal and waste plastic). The market demand for national wastes has been further amplified, and the price has repeatedly hit new highs, promoting the rapid rise in the price of packaging paper. Like Nine Dragons Paper, which is well-known in the industry, the company mainly started by processing and recycling American waste paper and Japanese waste paper. After the state strictly controlled the "three wastes", nine dragons and other large enterprises immediately raised prices to rush to buy national wastes

the second is the nationwide environmental protection supervision. The relevant departments shut down and severely punished the paper-making enterprises that failed to discharge pollutants. In addition, factors such as rising raw material prices and rising labor costs have also led to price increases

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