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Hainan Province plans to invest 10 billion yuan in the construction of roads and waterways within the year

Hainan Province plans to invest 10 billion yuan in the construction of roads and waterways within the year

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a bridge flies across the two banks, bearing the development dream. The Puqian bridge, the largest independent cross sea bridge project in Hainan Province so far, officially started on March 6, which played a prelude to the construction of "one bridge and four roads" for how to correctly clean the machine barrels in Hainan Province. There will also be major moves in the construction of roads and waterways. An investment of 10billion yuan will be arranged during the year, and a number of key projects such as Qiongzhong Wuzhishan Ledong Expressway in the middle line will start construction

the "one bridge and four roads" projects launched during the year include Puqian bridge, Qiongzhong Wuzhishan Ledong Expressway in the middle line, Wenchang Changsha Puqian Binhai tourist highway, Wenchang Qionghai expressway, and Wanning Danzhou Yangpu Expressway in the horizontal line. The total investment of the project is 36.227 billion yuan, with a total mileage of 408.3 kilometers

"building a three-dimensional land, sea and air transportation system is the highlight of the transportation construction of Hainan Province. After the completion of the 'one bridge and four roads' project, it will form an organic whole with the existing roads, open up the traffic vein on the island, build the main skeleton of the' Tian 'shaped Expressway in Hainan Province, win the regional development layout, serve the construction of the' the Belt and Road 'and help Hainan take off." Dong Xian, director of the Provincial Department of transportation, once described the blueprint for future transportation development

Dong Xian once said that transportation construction can't afford to wait. The Department has listed the "four-way" project promotion schedule and is accelerating the preliminary work of the project. Among them, the national development and Reform Commission has accepted the feasibility study of Qiongzhong Wuzhishan Ledong expressway project, which is expected to be approved in the near future

Xing Fuhai, a resident of Baoyou town in Ledong, looked forward to the early opening of Qiongzhong Wuzhishan Ledong expressway. He said that the level needed to be calibrated; After the preload is added, the pointer jitters: "after the opening of the Middle Line Expressway, the traffic bottleneck in the central region will be solved and wealth will be gathered for the development of the central region."

it is gratifying that people will travel more conveniently this year, because Hainan Province is accelerating the construction of Tunchang Qiongzhong expressway, Wanning Shimei Bay dahuajiao tourist highway and Dinghai bridge to ensure that they are completed and opened to traffic within the year. Tunchang Qiongzhong expressway, with a total length of about 46 kilometers and as an important part of the main skeleton of the "Tian" shaped Expressway in Hainan Province, is scheduled to be opened to traffic in the first half of this year. At that time, it will only take about 20 minutes to drive from Tunchang to Qiongzhong. In addition, the West Ring high-speed railway will be completed and opened to traffic at the end of the year, which will realize the dream of Hainan ring high-speed railway

it is worth looking forward to that this year, Hainan Province will also promote the construction of projects such as the expansion project of Haitang Bay Yalong Bay section of Haiyu east line, the entrance and exit road of Boao airport, the tourist highway from Qionghai port to Tanmen, the reconstruction project of Wenchang Wenwen copper wire, and the reconstruction project of Shimei Bay Sanya section of g98 roundabout expressway; In terms of waterway, the first phase of the automobile passenger and cargo ro Ro Wharf Project in the new harbor area of Haikou Port, the supporting wharf of the power plant in the southwest of Hainan Guodian, the small shovel beach operation area of Yangpu Port Area started construction and took a certain measure in time, and the second phase of Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Port project is advancing in an orderly manner, and the layout of "four directions and five ports" is improving

capital is the premise of project startup. Liubaofeng, deputy director of the Provincial Department of transportation, said that Hainan Province will follow the idea of "multi legged walking and diversified financing". In addition to actively seeking the support of funds from national ministries and commissions and provincial land debt funds, it will also raise project funds through the reform of the transportation investment and financing system, give play to the role of financing platforms such as Hainan traffic control, and explore and implement new models such as PPP (i.e. cooperation between government departments and enterprises) construction management. At the same time, further improve the highway agent system, effectively reduce the financing pressure, and improve the quality and efficiency of highway construction

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