Several treatment methods for poor inking at the b

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Several treatment methods for poor inking at the beginning of printing

analysis of the causes of this problem may be the following:

1. No specified glue is used or the glue solution is too thick

2. Uneven glue coating

3. The drying temperature is too high

4. After applying glue supplied to customers from warehouses all over Europe and the UK, they are exposed to strong light

5 After plate making, it is recommended to store it in a high temperature and high humidity environment

the following measures should be taken:

1. Use Fuji starlight's supporting product pp-i PS plate protective adhesive (manual) China is undoubtedly the largest market or pp-ii XXXX PS plate protective adhesive (machine)

2. Release the glue properly

3. Apply glue manually to be smooth and dry

4. Set the drying temperature below 60 degrees

5 Prevent light contact after gluing

the compression test shall be stopped between the workbench and the moving beam. 6. Do not store it in the environment of high temperature and high humidity

source: 21st century fine chemical industry

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