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Several scrapers needed in the coating and scraping process

the glue is often uneven in the coating process, which requires a certain glue scraping mechanism to scrape the glue evenly. The rubber scraping mechanism mainly includes stainless steel blade scraper, comma scraper, scraping rod, steel wire scraper, air flow scraper, etc

stainless steel blade scraper

this scraper can complete the experiments of pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening, bending, weld stretching, etc. after cutting the stainless steel sheet, it is pressed on the scraper seat and acts on the upper (coated) rubber roller. Due to the soft stainless steel sheet, the glue scraping is not very uniform. Most of them are used for the glue scraping on the corrugated roller and also for the pre scraping of the glue coating on the smooth roller

comma scraper

this kind of scraper is often made of round steel with good strength and hardness. When scraping, the scraper is fixed and does not rotate. The strength and hardness of this scraper are high, and the straightness error of the blade is small. Pneumatic and fine-tuning mechanisms can be used to adjust and control the position of the scraper. The coating amount control and glue scraping precision are high, and it is also very convenient to use. Due to its uniform glue scraping, it is suitable for precise glue scraping of glue coating on smooth rollers

scraper rod

this scraper is usually made of round rods with good strength and hardness. The round bar is required to rotate when scraping. Sometimes the scraping rod can also be scraped directly on the substrate. The bright and smooth full run out error of the scraping rod is very small, which is mostly used for the pre scraping of the glue coating of the scraping rod type scraping device on the smooth roller. When the glue is sticky, it can also be scraped directly on the substrate with a scraper rod as the precise scraping of the coating mechanism. It can also be used for one-time glue scraping with thick coating amount

steel wire scraper

this kind of scraper is refined by closely winding stainless steel wire outside the high-precision cold drawn round steel. The effect is better if the steel wire scraper is driven to rotate by a micro DC motor when scraping glue. When scraping, the steel scraper usually acts directly on the substrate. But generally speaking, it is only used for pre scraping glue applied on the smooth roll. The precise glue scraping of comma scraper is usually required later

then install the air scraper of the experimental machine

such as the popular Playboy series air scraper mechanism, which acts on the gluing roller through the evenly ejected air (pressure) flow to achieve the purpose of gluing. The air (pressure) flow is required to be evenly distributed over the entire width of the smooth roll. This scraper is mostly used to scrape the glue with good fluidity. The precision of this scraper is also high. At present, it is widely used in the coating and scraping of whiteboard

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