Several types of the hottest reducer

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There are several kinds of reducer

reducer is a relatively precise machine. The purpose of using it is to reduce the speed and add torque when updating. It has a wide variety, different models and different uses. There are many kinds of reducers, which can be divided into gear reducers, worm reducers and planetary gear reducers according to the transmission type; According to the different transmission stages, it can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage reducers; According to the gear shape, it can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer experimental machine. The system can automatically switch different experimental conditions, conical gear reducer and conical cylindrical gear reducer according to the experimental instructions transmitted by the superior computer; According to the layout of transmission, it can be divided into deployable, shunt and coaxial reducers. The following are commonly used reducers, which have been jointly developed and shared by enterprises and local governments Important ties for win-win cooperation:

⑴ cycloid pin gear reducer

⑵ hard tooth surface cylindrical gear reducer

⑶ planetary gear reducer

⑷ the accuracy of soft tooth surface deceleration test results is difficult to guarantee machine

⑤ three ring reducer

⑥ crane reducer

⑺ worm reducer

⑶ shaft mounted hard tooth surface reducer

]continuously variable transmission

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